Sandusky's Top Indoor Attraction | What to Know About Having a Lakeside Deck Attached to Your House
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What to Know About Having a Lakeside Deck Attached to Your House

Lakefront living is the American Dream for many homeowners. A peaceful view and access to fun watersports are just some of the benefits. Here are some home decor and maintenance tips to make the most of your outdoor living space.


Once the weather is warm enough, the lakeside deck is just screaming to be used. Cleaning up the area and adding some good accessories to go with the already solid area is a good start. The area is most commonly used for general entertainment, so the furniture you decide on should reflect this. Accent your fireplace or hot tub area to enhance entertainment for your guests. Depending on your furniture material, you can have a lot of fun with these accessories, from weatherized material to interchangeable seat options. Each area should have a table or area for drinks to be placed. You can match those to the wood, stone, or tile you decide upon for the deck, or have them custom-built into the chairs or benches. Another thing to keep in mind is lighting. Are you going to use string lights, or have them recessed into the material you’ve decided upon, or are you going to base it from the fireplace lighting? This is a very easy decision when you have a theme in place. Play around with color swatches and material samples before making a final decision. Don’t forget to purchase furniture covers and grill covers for those uncovered decks.


Depending on your furniture material, you may need to regularly replace your furniture or clean it quite often. The weather that comes with a lakeside deck can be quite impressive. Weatherproofing your deck as well ensuring the accents chosen for your deck are designed for outdoor use will save you time and money in the long run. Beginning your mornings with a lakeside sunrise is one of the most peaceful experiences nature has to offer. The evenings can bring a nice cool breeze for you to enjoy while relaxing in the hot tub or roasting marshmallows with your favorite background music streaming. Lakeside living offers a wide range of weather along with nature at its best, upfront and personal. Make sure to have a few umbrellas readily available just in case, and keep them folded down and away if your lake is in a windy area.

Railing Choices

Lakeside decks often have railings to protect guests, pets and children from a sudden drop. The higher the deck or the closer to the water, the more you want to consider this, especially if you have family members at risk. When choosing railings, balance function, visibility, access and safety. Consider where to leave access points for stairs and items like kayaks that you may store on the deck. When considering visibility, glass or plexiglass can offer an unobstructed view of the water, but it comes at a higher price than wood.

If lakeside living is for you, once your deck is up or you are purchasing a property with one already included make yourself a small checklist to ensure that weatherproofing has been done. Make sure you have prepared yourself for the tones, accents, and color scheme you will want to add for entertaining your guests. Add lights that naturally flow with your theme and a safe boundary. Once you’re done, relax on your deck and enjoy the lake.

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