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Tips to Help Keep Your Family Healthy While Traveling

Whether you’re driving or flying, it’s easy for your family’s healthy eating habits to fall by the wayside when you’re traveling. You may be eating at odd times or over-indulging with extended family and friends. To keep your waistline under control as well as get enough fiber and water, pack smart and plan for splurges.

Pack Healthy Snacks and Drinks

Traveling with smart snacks means you and your family won’t slip up and load up on junk food or sweets at each road stop. Make sure to travel with snacks that contain plenty of protein to keep your energy levels consistent. However, since you are on vacation, make sure to treat yourself a bit. If sweets are your very favorite treat, pack fresh fruit, granola, and whole-grain muffins. If you prefer salty treats, make sure your snacks include nuts as well as veggies and hummus. Keep in mind that not having access to nutritious food can cause poor health. For those who can travel with a cooler, consider freezing small water containers to line the inside and keep simple snacks, like hard-boiled eggs, cool for a protein-packed light meal.

Get Enough Sleep

Try to maintain a consistent sleeping pattern. If your family’s daily routine at home included getting up early, allow your body to wake early without the help of an alarm. After you’ve been up for a few hours, take a short nap if you’re tired. Your sleep rhythms may stretch out in the morning without an alarm clock. Let your vacation time turn into a sleep vacation to catch up on your sleep debt. However, if you’re a night owl, don’t try to turn into a morning lark.

Stay Hydrated

Big meals, long days of sightseeing, and festive evenings with alcohol consumption can all contribute to dehydration. Make sure to carry a water bottle and consciously try to drink it all two or three times a day. Many water fountains now offer a refilling port where you can load up on clean, filtered water. Water does more than quench your thirst. Water can also help with digestive regularity. Finally, if you’re spending a lot of time on a plane, keeping your water intake up is critical.

It can be tempting to overdo it while you’re on a family vacation. If you want a special splurge, plan for it. Take care not to overeat at your other meals during the day. Make sure to drink plenty of water before a big meal. Finally, when you’re over-full, try to get in a walk to aid in digestion.

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