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8 Things to Consider Before You Get a Dog for Your Kids

One of the most enjoyable experiences in owning your own home is having a pet to share it with. Often adults put this off because they are simply too busy to take care of one. However, once families begin to form, children tend to have a say in the matter. Understandably, saying yes to a...

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How to Make Technology a Positive Influence on Your Kids

We all know that technology presents amazing opportunities for all of society, including our children. However, the scientific evidence is also clear that too much screen time can be damaging to our children. We must strive to strike a balance between allowing our kids the chance to use tech and making sure they don't spend...

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A Guide to Quickly Winterizing Your Lakeside Home

The winter elements seem to be heightened when you live next to a lake. In order to protect your beloved lake house from the potential damage Mother Nature can cause, it’s important that you prepare your home for the winter that’s coming. Here are a few suggestions to winterize your lakeside home. Protecting Your Pipes In the...

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