Sandusky's Top Indoor Attraction | 4 Tips for Planning a U.S. Road Trip in 2020
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4 Tips for Planning a U.S. Road Trip in 2020

Before you know it, the weather will get warmer and the days longer. It will not take long for the lure of the open road to assert itself. Whether you are planning a short day trip or banking it all on a week-long vacation, advance planning ensures a safe, fun journey for you and your family.

Car Considerations

Going by automobile allows you greater flexibility, and giving your car a thorough overview will limit the possibilities of accidents and other unforeseen events. Check your tire pressure as over-inflated tires can wear out tread faster and unevenly. Be sure also to check all fluids, including those less checked like brake fluid. Make a list of all the items you want to review and be diligent in checking each in turn.

Keep it Steady

Naturally, one of the largest expenses of a road trip is the cost of fuel. Setting a fuel budget and sticking to it guards against unexpected costs. Likewise, driving consistently at a safe speed can help you economize on fuel. Sudden acceleration burns gas quicker. Additionally letting off the gas earlier and coming to a slow stop will improve gas mileage. Stick to the posted speed limits and avoid flooring it.

Schedule an Itinerary

Scheduling an itinerary not only offers you something to look forward to on every day of the trip, but it also gives your family or friends back home a sense of where you might be at any given time. Moreover, an outline enables you to schedule travel on safer driving days. According to statistics, driving on Saturday is more dangerous than any other day of the week. Make that day your day to lounge around the pool or campsite.

Eat Healthily and Cheaply

Hours behind the wheel can leave you with a big appetite. Carrying snacks like trail mix means that you can nibble as you drive, allaying the pangs of hunger until you are ready for a proper meal. Consider also getting food at a supermarket and making simple meals yourself. Fast food and the offerings found at convenience stations become expensive and unhealthy when you eat them every day.

Planning ahead can turn a potentially stressful road trip into an enjoyable one that you will remember long after the season has ended. It is easier to plan for the unforeseen before you hit the road than while you are on it. Make a list, check it twice, and don’t forget your smartphone should an emergency arise.

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