XD 4D Theater

Take a ride on the Snow Ride this winter! This 4D motion-simulated ride takes you on a trip down snowy, pine-covered mountainside, through icy frozen tunnels, and more. Snow Ride is available to riders more than 40″ tall. Transcend time, space, and imagination with . . .

  • 4D Onscreen Action with Wind effects
  • Unbelievable surround sound
  • 100 movements a second
  • Up to 2 Gs acceleration

Pricing is Per Person:

  • 1 Movie – $7
  • 2 Movies – $12
  • 3 Movies – $16
  • 4 Movies – $20
  • 5 Movies – $24

You won’t soon forget the thrill of this 4D motion-simulated ride! Choose your favorite movie, or see them all, and see, hear, and feel the XD 4D experience! The Theater is open year round, but hours of operation vary so be sure to check our schedule before you make your plans.